Monday, November 8, 2010

Still Waiting

I passed my NREMT-B exam back on November 26th. Yay!

As of now, I am just playing the waiting game to get approved for my state certification. I guess they have paperwork to do and all that stuff.

I've been checking online about 10 times a day to see if my certification has gone through yet. I cannot wait to get to work.

There isn't much to update. If anyone is curious how the NREMT-B exam was, all I have to say is read over the chapters in your book that pertain to the subjects on the test, Trauma, Bleeding, Medical Emergencies, Airway and Breathing, Pediatrics, Obstetrics... And I think that may be it.

Just refresh your memory in general. Don't put off taking the test too far after you've completed your class. Also, try to sign up for some online practice tests.

Don't use It was alright and it did help me on more than one of the real questions on the test, but after taking about 2-3 practice tests, you begin to get the same questions over and over. So, their "improvement" system is flawed. Yes, you get better scores, but it is because you already have their questions memorized.

Just take practice tests, read the rationale for the answer, and understand it.

I'll update when I receive my certification.
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