Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week Four - Day 1

Yesterday was a lot of fun. Rather than going through a lecture and powerpoint presentation like normal, we split up into groups to do some practical skills.

I started off learning how to do a traction splint. I actually was the victim, which I liked because I learn better that way. I know how it might feel (I'm sure it must be much more painful) so when it is my time to actually do it, I feel like I know a bit more about it.

After that we went outside (so that we could get a feel of the environment) and worked on immobilizing the spine, logrolling the patient, and getting them secured and lifted on a backboard.

That whole deal was fairly amusing. Originally, our group of five, didn't learn the c spine or c collar placement as the other groups did. So when one of our guys was in charge of the c spine and calling the roll, not only did he not know that placing the c collar goes first, but when he called the roll, he didn't think to roll the "patient's" head also. The result ended up looking like something out of the exorcist with the "patient's" head still looking up, but her body rolled on the side. We all had a good laugh for about 5-10 minutes. The poor guy.

All in all it was a good, fairly relaxing day. We wore uniforms to school so I got a feel of how new boots feel like crap while you're keeping a patient's spine immobilized while the rest of the team does their job. I enjoyed it a lot.

I've still got some catching up to do. Studying chapters right now so I can complete some exams. My goal is to get a bit ahead of the class, but we'll see.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Week Three?

I don't even know how far along it has been. I guess it is week three.

I missed out on last week due to one of my wisdom teeth pushing in. I spent the week drugged up on pain killers. (Don't have insurance, can't afford to have it taken out)

I turned in a late assignment only to be greeted with another late assignment, but I am caught up now.

I finally got my book in. We are studying out of Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured 9th Edition. I thought I was getting a good deal online when I purchased it for $35.00 ($80 retail). When it got here, it was just the workbook! So we threw another $80 at the actual book and I finally got it in Wednesday.

We've gone over EMT ethics, roles and responsibilities as an EMT, lifting and carrying techniques, anatomy, some focus on the anatomy and physiology of the heart and respiratory system, and just last night, managing airways.

I've got a lot of reading to do. The week I missed was when we were first going to get into the book and I missed out on getting ahead like I wanted to. So this weekend I am going to try and read up on those SEVEN chapters, and get two more chapters ahead.

Veronica and I are going to go medical supply shopping today or tomorrow, whee! I am expected to show up to school in full uniform next week to start doing skills such as lifting, airway management, splinting, etc. So I need to get ahold of some pants, a belt, and hopefully some shiny new black boots.

I'm liking everything so far. I haven't been able to log in to take any tests though due to technical difficulty on my school's end, but that will just give me extra time to study, which I need to. School is starting to look like a daunting task, but the prospect of working as an EMT is still something that I am very excited about.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Week One

Well, as I suspected, things are kinda slow right now.

I missed the first day of class due to signing up late, but I didn't miss much. They talked about vital signs and all that fun stuff, which I had already been reading about for a good week or so before I even knew about the class.

Tuesday we went over basic medical terminology. That is to say, we talked about the Latin prefixes and suffixes for a few medical terms. Other than that, just some basic stuff like body positioning, the electrical characteristics of the heart, proper lifting technique. Before we left we took turns in teams working on lifting the gurneys first empty, then with various weight on it.

Yesterday was our CPR certification class. I invited Veronica with me since she was whining that she would spend the evening alone without me. Plus, she could probably use the knowledge at work sometime.

CPR class was cake. I actually enjoyed it also. I know that I learned a lot and I feel confident that I could put it to use some day. I must say that I'm not too excited about the prospect of having to do CPR on a baby some day. Even the thought of it while watching the instructional video was a bit depressing.

We crack the book and start taking tests next week. I'll update then.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 1 - The First is Always the Longest.

Well, today is my first day of classes for my EMT training. For the past few months I've been very excited to get started.

I've never really been interested in going to school. I dropped out of high school in 10th grade, got my GED, and entered the military. After that I just jumped from job to job. School never really crossed my mind.

Recently, however, I've been itching to get some sort of education and a serious job. I wanted to have a meaningful job. I like to see results. I first thought of going to school to be a mechanic or paint/body. Those are things I enjoy. During the same time, I started contemplating life as a paramedic.

Eventually the paramedic route won out, although even just a few days ago I looked back at automotive work, but nah...

As a child I used to think about being a doctor. After I got my GED I was pretty discouraged at the thought of school so those dreams went away. I really just want to help people. I'm not naive, I know medics don't go around "saving lives". Sure, it happens, but I'm sure it doesn't make up the majority of the work.

I just want to have a meaningful job and feel like I have accomplished something. (I'm not saying that you, Mr McDonalds Drive-thru clerk, are not important. We need you. This is just my personal preference)

Back on track now; This is the decision I have made. I'm excited to be starting out learning all of my EMT-B material and getting out there and working. I'm sure I will continue on to get my EMT-I and EMT-P as soon as I can, but that is a good bit into the future.

I need to leave in thirty minutes to go to class. I'll probably keep this updated fairly often as I learn more or want to share my experiences.

Oh, and before I go: Mad props to my girlfriend, Veronica for supporting me, dealing with all of my immature B.S., and putting me into school. Her interest rates are very fair so it shouldn't take too long to pay her back.
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