Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Finally Ahead!

Today we went over patient assessment. For some reason (I blame it on Hurricane Alex and other distractions), this chapter didn't sink in when I was reading it at home and I got a 76% on my exam for this specific chapter.

After my week out due to being drugged up, and the past week off due to the hurricane, I wasn't sure what chapter we were even on. In the meantime, I had been trucking along reading chapters and completing exams.

I was glad to know that we were going to be doing the patient assessment chapter so that I could go over all of it again with much less distraction. I think it helped, but I'm still going to go over the chapter in my book at least once more. While it is a boring read, it is an important part of EMS, I am sure.

After talking to people in the class, I realized that I am getting stuff finished faster than some of the others in class, which was my goal. I'm now 4 chapters ahead and hope to be 6-7 ahead by our next class in two days.

My goal is to do 2-3 exams per day and finish this class out early. I know I need to learn before I can be a good EMT and I shouldn't "rush it" but I feel like the 8 hours a week in class just isn't enough for me.

I'm not saying I'm uber smart, just that I'm not working, and all I'm thinking about is learning more, finishing exams to test my knowledge, and wanting to get out there and work.

So, if I seriously get 2-3 exams done each day (which I doubt I will) I could be finishing up by the middle of the month. I'd say the end of the month is a more realistic goal. Even then I still have to do my ambulance rotations (10 emergency calls. 5 as an observer and 5 as a lead medic) which I am a bit nervous about

I really don't want to screw anything up and I doubt I will. I'm a hand's on learner and this is a hand's on business.

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