Friday, October 1, 2010


It has been quite a long time since my last post and unfortunately, so much has happened that I will not be able to outline every aspect of class for those who might be interested. So I'll just outline the major events up until now to get everyone caught up.

Some time in July my Grandfather fall, broke his arm, and had a bout with a blood infection. My grandmother has multiple sclerosis and she relies heavily on my grandfather to do daily chores around the house. So, I took a flight out of town to help out with the family for a week or so. During that time, I got behind in school.

When I got back, I was a little down that I had fell behind. It took a few weeks to get myself into gear about getting caught up. It ended up being a week long study marathon to get me caught up (or so I thought). I was sure that the class was nearly over.

However, when I got to class I found that I was now 15 chapters ahead. I had completed all of my online exams and read every chapter in the book. All I had left to do was my ride-alongs, and my final exams...

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