Sunday, December 26, 2010


I feel better about things now. After my bad day, I was worried that maybe I wasn't up to par to be working with a 911 company just yet.

This shift (48 hours) was fairly busy. Some attempted suicides, the regular respiratory complications, general body weakness calls, etc. I did everything right this shift.

I got in, did my vitals, spiked ivs, got the iv equipment ready before the medic told me, o2 and all that. I actually felt good when my partner praised me and said I was on top of things. It wasn't the same medic that I was with when I screwed up on my last shift but at least I know that if I work with him again, I'll be more confident.

The most interesting call of the day came in about an hour before my shift ended. We were dispatched to an MVC on the highway which turned out to be a hit and run involving a motorcycle who was going about 65. This was my first MVC with a good deal of trauma involved.

The patient was an older guy, possible dislocated shoulder, lacerations to the head, distended abdomen, with back and neck pain. All in all, I think he got off pretty lucky considering the mechanism of injury.

We got to him, assessed, SMRd, and transported code 3 to the local trauma hospital pretty damn quick. I'm not sure how the guy turned out afterwards, but I felt like he would make it through.

The guy was alert and said that the other vehicle got to close to him, probably a distracted driver, and sideswiped him and fled the scene without even stopping. It sure makes me think twice about ever wanting to own a motorcycle. They're just too dangerous.

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