Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 1 - The First is Always the Longest.

Well, today is my first day of classes for my EMT training. For the past few months I've been very excited to get started.

I've never really been interested in going to school. I dropped out of high school in 10th grade, got my GED, and entered the military. After that I just jumped from job to job. School never really crossed my mind.

Recently, however, I've been itching to get some sort of education and a serious job. I wanted to have a meaningful job. I like to see results. I first thought of going to school to be a mechanic or paint/body. Those are things I enjoy. During the same time, I started contemplating life as a paramedic.

Eventually the paramedic route won out, although even just a few days ago I looked back at automotive work, but nah...

As a child I used to think about being a doctor. After I got my GED I was pretty discouraged at the thought of school so those dreams went away. I really just want to help people. I'm not naive, I know medics don't go around "saving lives". Sure, it happens, but I'm sure it doesn't make up the majority of the work.

I just want to have a meaningful job and feel like I have accomplished something. (I'm not saying that you, Mr McDonalds Drive-thru clerk, are not important. We need you. This is just my personal preference)

Back on track now; This is the decision I have made. I'm excited to be starting out learning all of my EMT-B material and getting out there and working. I'm sure I will continue on to get my EMT-I and EMT-P as soon as I can, but that is a good bit into the future.

I need to leave in thirty minutes to go to class. I'll probably keep this updated fairly often as I learn more or want to share my experiences.

Oh, and before I go: Mad props to my girlfriend, Veronica for supporting me, dealing with all of my immature B.S., and putting me into school. Her interest rates are very fair so it shouldn't take too long to pay her back.

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