Friday, June 4, 2010

Week One

Well, as I suspected, things are kinda slow right now.

I missed the first day of class due to signing up late, but I didn't miss much. They talked about vital signs and all that fun stuff, which I had already been reading about for a good week or so before I even knew about the class.

Tuesday we went over basic medical terminology. That is to say, we talked about the Latin prefixes and suffixes for a few medical terms. Other than that, just some basic stuff like body positioning, the electrical characteristics of the heart, proper lifting technique. Before we left we took turns in teams working on lifting the gurneys first empty, then with various weight on it.

Yesterday was our CPR certification class. I invited Veronica with me since she was whining that she would spend the evening alone without me. Plus, she could probably use the knowledge at work sometime.

CPR class was cake. I actually enjoyed it also. I know that I learned a lot and I feel confident that I could put it to use some day. I must say that I'm not too excited about the prospect of having to do CPR on a baby some day. Even the thought of it while watching the instructional video was a bit depressing.

We crack the book and start taking tests next week. I'll update then.

Happy weekend!

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